Heeding My Mentor’s Advice

Dr. Robert G. Witty, a pastor for many years and founder of the Luther Rice Seminary, was one of my dearest friends and mentors.  Dr. Witty was an ideas man.  He was always thinking of new and innovative ways to advance the gospel.  When he was in his 80’s and 90’s he manned two separate websites.  He was computer savvy. When he went to be the Lord at age 100 years and 6 months he was still using his computer for ministry outreach.

Any student of Dr. Witty will recall that his mantra was, “write”, “write”, “write.”   I can still hear his personal admonitions to me to write.  He told us that what we write will outlast us and what we write will go to places we could never go. He was right!

Today I am launching a new blog/website for the purpose of sharing truths from God’s word and hopefully be an encouragement to others as Dr. Witty was to me.  It is a marvelous thing that I can sit at my desk in my study…or wherever my laptop may be…and have a platform to speak to people all around the world.

Today I pause for a moment to remember a man who was a beloved friend and mentor.  Thank you Dr. Witty.

More to come….stay tuned.

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