Meet Roger Willmore

Dr. Roger D. Willmore

Dr. Roger D. Willmore

Greetings, my name is Roger Willmore.  Currently I am serving as the Director of Missions for the Calhoun Baptist Association in Anniston, Alabama.  For the previous 42 years of ministry I served as a Southern Baptist pastor.  I received my education and formal training from Samford University and Jacksonville State University.  I received a M.Div and a D.Min from Luther Rice Seminary. I was awarded the honorary doctor of divinity by the University of Mobile and Judson College. I was mentored by the late Dr. Stephen F. Olford and served as minister at large for Olford Ministry International for almost ten years.  I was also mentored by the late Dr. Robert G. Witty, founder of Luther Rice Seminary.  In denominational life I served on the board of trustees of LifeWay Christian Resources for nine years.  I served two terms as president of the Alabama Baptist State Convention.  In addition to pastoral ministry I have been involved in global missions and ministry having served in over 15 countries.  It has been my privilege to preach in Keswick Christian Life Conventions in USA, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti, India and Japan.  I have a passion for preaching the Word of God and strive to preach and teach in a way that will strengthen and bless the lives of those to whom I preach.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, Sandra.  We have one adult son.


12 thoughts on “Meet Roger Willmore

  1. And the Henson family prays regularly for you and that high school sweetheart of yours. We are asking the Lord to use this season of your life for His glory, more than any other season before. You are loved.

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      • Roger, we are so encouraged & thankful for U’re new place of service for God. We are keeping U & Sandra in constant prayer. I know He will guide U!🙏 Judy Riddle Archer.

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  2. You came to mind, I had some time, so I decided to look you up online. It was nice to meet you and spend some time with you in Osaka, Japan when you were here recently, Roger. May God grant you and your wife the peace that comes from an increasing confidence in His love and faithfulness as you do as He says and go where He directs. May every day be an exciting adventure.


  3. Lynette & i read about your new challenge. We will always consider you a dear friend and pray for your new challenge. van priest


  4. Dear Dr Willmore,
    Greetings from Singapore.
    May I invite you to contribute a short article on the Holy Spirit in the Preaching of Stephen Olford (1500-2000 words; deadline March 2018) for a forthcoming monograph, “Holy Spirit: Spokesperson, Sermon and Scripture.” There will be about 25 contributors to this monograph.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you.
    In Christ,
    johnson Lim


  5. Dr. Willmore, I just read your sermon titled “The Lordship of Jesus Christ” preached in 2003. I will be quoting several of your statements in my sermon this coming Sunday 01/03/21. I pastor a Spanish congregation in Spring Texas. Thank you for this great sermon that has blessed my life… Bendiciones, Silvestre Romero


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