Encouraging Words from George Mueller


George Mueller

George Mueller; 1805-1898, was active in the Plymouth Brethren movement, but most widely known for his work in establishing orphanages which were run totally on faith.  He concluded his last worldwide mission tour at the age of 87.

“Be slow to take new steps in the Lord’s service, or in your business, or in your families.  Weigh everything well; weigh all in the light of Holy Scriptures, and in the fear of God.

Seek to have no will of your own, in order to ascertain the mind of God, regarding any steps you propose to take, so that you can honestly say, you are willing to do the will of God, if He will only please to instruct you.

But when you have found out what the will of God is, seek His help, and seek earnestly, perseveringly, patiently, believingly, and expectingly; and you will surely, in His own time and way, obtain it.”

Also from Mueller: ” It is true, the Gospel demands our all; but I fear that, in the general claim on all, we have shortened the claim on everything.  We are not under law.  True; but that is not to make our obedience less complete, or our giving less bountiful.  Rather, is it not, that after all claims of the law are settled, the new nature finds joy in doing more than the law requires?  Let us abound in the work of the Lord more and more.”


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