C.T. Studd…Only One Life


C.T. Studd early years

CT Studd

C.T. Studd later years

C.T. Studd once said, “Some wish to live within the sound of the Church or Chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.”

Today C.T. Studd continues to be an inspiration to all who want to fully follow Christ. I did not know that he was the source at the time, but one of the great quotes I heard in the very early years of my Christian life…a quote that made great impact on me…came from C.T. Studd.  Dr. Stephen Olford, who became a dear friend and mentor, often shared the quote in his personal testimony of how God captured him and changed him.  The simple words, “Only One Life, ‘Twill soon be past, Only what is done for Christ will Last” were used by the Lord to touch Stephen Olford’s heart.  These words quoted by Stephen Olford’s father in a letter to his son became words of transformation. (Only One Life, by John Phillips.  Biography of Stephen Olford.)

C.T. Studd was born in England in 1860, into a wealthy family.  As a young man he was an outstanding County and All-England Cricketer.  He was a freshman at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1879-1880, and studied for a degree in law.  He forsook his pursuit of law to follow the call of Christ to China, He served in China and India for 21 years.  He returned home, broken in health, but soon heard the Lord call again, this time to Africa.  At age 53 he set out on his missionary journey to Africa.  Some questioned why he would go to Africa in light of age and circumstances of life.  He penned these words in answer to that question: If Jesus Christ  be God, and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.

Words of challenge and encouragement from the life and ministry of C.T. Studd:

“Funds are low again, hallelujah! That means God trusts us and is willing to leave His reputation in our hands.”  C.T. Studd

“How little a chance the Holy Ghost has nowadays.  The churches and missionary societies have so bound Him in red tape that they practically ask Him to sit in a corner while they do the work.”  C.T. Studd

“Tears shed for self are tears of weakness, but tears shed for others are a sign of strength.”  C. T. Studd

“Let us not glide through this world and then slip quietly into heaven, without having blown the trumpet loud and long for our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  Let us see to it that the devil will hold a thanksgiving service in hell, when he gets the news of our departure from the field of battle.”  C.T. Studd

“The light that shines farthest shines brightest nearest home.”  C.T. Studd

“Some wish to live within church and chapel bell.  I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.”  C. T. Studd

“I am getting desperately afraid of going to heaven for I have had a vision of the shame I shall suffer as I get my first glimpse of the Lord Jesus; His majesty, power and marvelous love for me, who treated Him so meanly and shabbily on earth, and acted as though I did Him a favor in serving Him!  No wonder God shall have to wipe away the tears off all our faces, for we shall be broken-hearted when we see the depth of His love  and the shallowness of ours.”  C.T. Studd

“ONLY ONE LIFE, ‘TWILL SOON BE PAST,                                                              ONLY WHAT IS DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST.”  C.T. Studd


Jesus Never Fails

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