More Encouraging Words from F.E. Marsh

I am continuing to read Dr. F.E. Marsh’s book, Living God’s Way, and it is certainly an encouraging read, but at the same time it is also very convicting.

One of the main challenges issued by Marsh is that a Christian should b separated from the world. The term worldly Christian is really a contradiction in terms.  However, Christians through the ages have found themselves in the grip of the world’s pull on their lives.

The world, or the World System, is an anti-Christ way of thinking and living.  It is the very opposite of what Christ called us to do and be.  The Bible says some things about the World that may help us understand this contrast even better.  F. E. Marsh presents the Bible’s teachings on the World this way:

1. Worldliness is evil in its nature.  Galatians 1:4

2. Worldliness is downward in its tendency. Ephesians 2 ff

3. Worldliness is contaminating in its influence.  James 1:27

4. Worldliness is antagonistic to God.  James 4:4

5. Worldliness is corrupting in its association.  II Peter 4:1; II Peter 2:20

6. Worldliness is unsatisfying in its pleasures.  I Corinthians 7:31; I John 2:17

7. Worldliness is hateful in its opposition. I John 3:1,13

Separation from the World is the Lord’s direction, clear and definite; and as we come out from it in obedience to Him we find ourselves not only in the place of safety, but in the position of power.  To be specific in our desires and efforts to be separate from the world the following seven rules should be followed:

1. Go to no place where the Lord will not take you.

2. Be found in no company that is not helpful to your Christian life.

3. Have no pleasure except in the company of those who are the Lord’s.

4. Be no party to any transaction upon which you cannot seek your Lord;s approval.

5. Listen to no voice which would lead you away from the truth of God’s Word.

6. Allow no pleasure to interfere with your attendance at the means of Grace.

7. Whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.                       – F.E. Marsh


Jesus Never Fails

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