J. HUDSON TAYLOR On Answered Prayer


J. Hudson Taylor

A young man had been called to the foreign field.  He had not been in the habit of preaching, but he knew one thing, how to prevail with God; and going one day to a friend he said, I don’t see how God can use me on the field.  I have no special talent. His friend said, My brother, God wants men on the field who can pray.  There are too many preachers now and too few pray-ers. He went.  In his own room in the early dawn a voice was heard weeping and pleading for souls.  All through the day, the shut door and the hush that prevailed made you feel like walking softly, for a soul was wrestling with God.  Yet to this home, hungry souls would flock, drawn by some irresistible power.  Ah, the mystery was unlocked.  In the secret chamber lost souls were pleaded for and claimed.  The Holy Ghost knew just where they were and sent them along.

-J. Hudson Taylor, Founder of China Inland Mission, and missionary to China.

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