Christian Life Convention

IMG_2055I have just returned from Summer Conference Week Five at America’s Keswick in Whiting, New Jersey.  This is my seventeenth year to be involved in this New Jersey based ministry.  Summer months are devoted to the preaching of the Victorious Christian Life Message which has become such an integral part of the Keswick Ministry.  Though not officially connected with the English Keswick, America’s Keswick is built solidly on the foundation of proclaiming the message of Fullness of Life in Jesus Christ.  The banner theme at America’s Keswick is “Where God speaks to hearts and transforms lives.”  And He does transform lives.

Each of the Summer Conference weeks saw very good attendance and all of the speakers got good reviews.  This is a good thing.  There was a great evidence of hunger to hear the word of God on the part of those in Summer Week Five.  This encouraged me greatly.

You can visit America’s Keswick website at and see the videos of each session.  Check the media view tab on the top toolbar and click to see the videos and list of the speakers.

IMG_2042 IMG_2038 image IMG_2055 IMG_2055IMG_2056 IMG_2073 IMG_2100 IMG_2111 IMG_2102 IMG_2124

America's Keswick, August 2015

America’s Keswick, August 2015

1 thought on “Christian Life Convention

  1. So glad you were able to go once again – for their sake, as they were privileged to sit under your teaching of God’s Word, and for your sake, as I know your heart was encouraged and uplifted! Praying God’s special, specific-to-your-need blessings on both you and Sandra!


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