Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival


Evan Roberts

The Welsh Revival, 1904-05, is one of the most powerful demonstrations of God’s power to bring revival to His people.  Over one hundred thousand souls came to Christ in Wales in less than nine months.  As the revival spread it made global impact ushering thousands more into the Kingdom of God.

On the human side of the story a young man, Evan Roberts, was a principle instrument.  At the very early age of 13 he developed a heart burden for revival and for ten years he prayed for revival.  Revival came.

Evan Roberts gave four requirements for revival that became associated with the Welsh Revival and it’s continuing influence.  The requirements Roberts listed then are relevant today:

  1. Confess all known sin
  2. Repentance and restitution
  3. Obedience and surrender  to the Holy Spirit
  4. Public Confession of Christ

These may seem like simple things, but in God’s way of thinking and acting each of these is a very important requirement for revival.  God’s blessings are conditional.  If you and I desire to experience the blessings of God upon our lives then we must live by his principles and His biblical standards.  If you desire to have a closer walk with Christ the four requirements listed by Roberts is a good place to start.


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