Japan Keswick Conventions

I was in Japan January 28- February 29, speaking in Keswick Christian Life Conventions. Japan has been holding these historic Christian Life Conventions for fifty years.  Each year in February there is a series of conventions across the country.  Always there are guest speakers, mostly from England, in each of the conventions.  Some conventions in the larger venues will have two guest speakers.  All of the conventions are blessed by the preaching ministry of Japanese speakers.  Guest speakers always speak through a translator.  I have been to Japan seven times.  Four of the visits were for Keswick Conventions.

The 2016 ministry began in Tokyo with my friend Timothy Konishi. I ministered in Timothy’s church and with house groups. I also had the opportunity to speak in the Wesleyan Holiness Seminary. This was a delightful experience.

From Tokyo I flew to Okinawa where I spoke in the first of a series of Keswick Conventions. From Okinawa I went the Kyushu Convention, then by bullet train to Osaka and Kyoto. The two additional conventions included Hakone and Tokyo. In Osaka, Hakone and Tokyo I was teamed with I was teamed with Ian Coffey from Moorsland College in England. I had a delightful time with Ian and his wife Ruth.

Dr. Stephen Olford was a regular speaker at Japan Keswick Conventions. He loved to go to Japan. During the years of my friendship with Dr. Olford he often spoke to me of Japan and mentored me regarding ministry in the Japan Keswick Conventions. The day finally came that I was invited to speak at the Japan Keswick and I have enjoyed each time I have been.

This historic Christian Life Convention holds an important place among Christians in Japan. The accumulative number of people ministered to by these conventions is very significant. The “Keswick Message” as I call it, is a message of holiness and Christ-likeness. The message flows from the exposition of God’s word. Countless lives are touched, changed and enriched. Christians from different denominations gather under the banner, “All One in Christ Jesus.” It is a time of great celebration and worship. I have not seen more authentic worship of God anywhere, nor have I heard such beautiful music and singing.

Pray for the Christian leaders in Japan. They labor with love to reach their country for Christ.

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