Overseas ministry by Zoom and Video

Since the COVID-19 outbreak life and ministry have changed in many ways…and continue to change. I am learning, along with everyone else, how to navigate through these days of social distancing and face coverings and more. Things on the home front are not easy, but manageable. However, all overseas ministry has been suspended. In my case starting with the Metro-Keswick Christian Life Convention in Nova Scotia, Canada which was set for May. This was the first cancellation. Then I had to withdraw from my the America’s Keswick Summer Conference in Whiting, NJ. The event was not canceled, but I was not allowed to travel into NJ. I was scheduled to be in Osaka, Japan in October for the annual Bible Convention at Grace Mission Church. I will not be going, but newly prepared video messages have been recorded and sent to Osaka. These messages will be aired on Japan’s CNGTV. A few weeks ago I was asked to prepare a video message for North Keswick Christian Life Convention in Trinidad. All speakers for this event will be seen and heard on Zoom. The 2021 annual Keswick Conventions in Japan will meet as usual in February, but without foreign speakers being present. I will soon prepare video messages for Japan Keswick Conventions.
I have observed my pastor friends making so many adjustments to church life and ministry. I commend them all for their adaptability.

1 thought on “Overseas ministry by Zoom and Video

  1. I am a retired pastor who had Maj. Thomas, John Hunter in my church many times. The message of the exchanged life was my ministry for over 50 years.
    I attended the Keswick Conference in England and in America. Good to learn about your ministry.


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