Meet Roger Willmore

Dr. Roger D. Willmore

Dr. Roger D. Willmore

Greetings, my name is Roger Willmore.  Currently I am serving as the Director of Missions for the Calhoun Baptist Association in Anniston, Alabama.  For the previous 42 years of ministry I served as a Southern Baptist pastor.  I received my education and formal training from Samford University and Jacksonville State University.  I received a M.Div and a D.Min from Luther Rice Seminary. I was awarded the honorary doctor of divinity by the University of Mobile and Judson College. I was mentored by the late Dr. Stephen F. Olford and served as minister at large for Olford Ministry International for almost ten years.  I was also mentored by the late Dr. Robert G. Witty, founder of Luther Rice Seminary.  In denominational life I served on the board of trustees of LifeWay Christian Resources for nine years.  I served two terms as president of the Alabama Baptist State Convention.  In addition to pastoral ministry I have been involved in global missions and ministry having served in over 15 countries.  It has been my privilege to preach in Keswick Christian Life Conventions in USA, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti, India and Japan.  I have a passion for preaching the Word of God and strive to preach and teach in a way that will strengthen and bless the lives of those to whom I preach.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, Sandra.  We have one adult son.


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  1. And the Henson family prays regularly for you and that high school sweetheart of yours. We are asking the Lord to use this season of your life for His glory, more than any other season before. You are loved.

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      • Roger, we are so encouraged & thankful for U’re new place of service for God. We are keeping U & Sandra in constant prayer. I know He will guide U!🙏 Judy Riddle Archer.

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  2. You came to mind, I had some time, so I decided to look you up online. It was nice to meet you and spend some time with you in Osaka, Japan when you were here recently, Roger. May God grant you and your wife the peace that comes from an increasing confidence in His love and faithfulness as you do as He says and go where He directs. May every day be an exciting adventure.


  3. Lynette & i read about your new challenge. We will always consider you a dear friend and pray for your new challenge. van priest


  4. Dear Dr Willmore,
    Greetings from Singapore.
    May I invite you to contribute a short article on the Holy Spirit in the Preaching of Stephen Olford (1500-2000 words; deadline March 2018) for a forthcoming monograph, “Holy Spirit: Spokesperson, Sermon and Scripture.” There will be about 25 contributors to this monograph.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you.
    In Christ,
    johnson Lim


  5. Dear Dr. Willmore,
    You would not remember us, but you have again impacted us with your preaching. Now, being cooped up at home for the virus, which we have so far avoided, we have been blessed by the many messages on disk from the Christian Life Conventions we were blessed to have attended in the past.
    Of particular interest was your message from March 20, 2015, “Submission to the Lordship of Christ”. The reminder that God works with ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results strikes a chord with us as we look back over 45+ years of walking with Jesus. Thank you for words well chosen through our God and delivered in a meaningful, understandable way.
    We trust that you and yours are in good health and are once again anticipating celebrating the coming of the solution to our sin problem…Jesus.

    Blessings…Bill & Shirley Stewart

    Here is a Christmas thought to consider:

    December 25th, Christmas, is always such a special day and well it should be. It marks the beginning of the end, the start of the journey to Calvary and those life changing words “Father Forgive Them” and “It Is Finished”. So much to be thankful for, so much to praise Him for, so much to be joyful for in a fallen world. But before December 25th there was December 24th.
    Let your mind’s eye look back and see a man, his pregnant wife and their little donkey trudging along a dusty road. They are headed south on the last leg of a long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. It is cold and the wind seems to drive the chill right through their skimpy clothing. They had started this journey with a large number of their extended family all headed to their ancestral home of Bethlehem. They had been making good progress until today, but the fast pace was too much for the husband’s pregnant wife on the donkey. Much as he wanted to keep up with the crowed he had found it necessary to send them on ahead while they slowed down and trudged on alone.
    His mind was a jumble of thoughts. He still was irritated with the Romans for doing this census at such a nasty time of year. They could have done it a month or two ago when the weather was much better. But here he was with a wife about to deliver their first baby trudging along on a cold and dusty road. Further he was very concerned about his wife. This business of having a baby was all new to him, well to both of them. He loved his wife and would do anything for her and to have her out here in these conditions was almost too much for him. As he glanced back to see how she was doing, her frail smile once again told him how uncomfortable she was. But she was a trooper never complaining and doing her best to minimize the inconvenience she was causing. Like all first time fathers he was learning that he had to sit this one out. There was very little he could do for her now. This inability to help her just increased his frustration.
    But wait there was something he could do. He had been to Bethlehem several times and remembered a quiet little inn on the far side of town. Although his funds were meager he would get a room in the inn with a soft bed and a hot meal for her. That thought brightened his outlook and gave him something to focus on. Now if they could get there before night fall, but once again looking back at her, he knew he could not pick up the pace.
    Oh the things that lie ahead that he could not yet see and could not imagine; frustration and anger would dissolve into unimaginable joy. But for the moment, out there on the road the dream of a warm room and a soft bed for his wife would have to console him.
    Yet before the 25th dawned he would experience anger at the rejection of the inn keeper and frustration with his own relatives who would be so callus and uncaring that they would not give up their bed for his soon to be delivered wife. The last straw, no pun intended, was to be offered lodging in a filthy, drafty barn with a bunch of dirty animals. But these incomprehensible events were still shrouded in the mist of the future. However he would find out that, with all the insults and frustration, tomorrow would dawn with the most wonderful and unspeakable joy he would ever know.
    The long expected son would be born right there in that drafty, old barn. It would be a successful birth with no complications. His stepson would be the most beautiful person he had ever seen. But that was just the beginning. Not long after the birth several hard working shepherds would show up, having left their flocks they would follow the directions from an angel and come to see this miracle in the old barn. They would come to worship their baby and tell them the most fantastic story of a bright blinding light and the voices of a huge choir singing praises and proclaiming “Peace on earth and good will to men”. But for now he knew none of this as they trudged along in the cold biting wind of December 24th.
    Is this not so like the journey that each of us must travel as we move up the road of life. Maybe you are trudging along through a rough stretch right now or maybe stepping out in joy as you bask in a special Blessing. Yet, like that beleaguered husband we have no idea what our Lord has prepared for our tomorrow. There could be sorrow, there could be pain and there just might be joy, but through it all, if you invite this Babe into your life, you can be confident that He will travel with you as He beckons you into a tomorrow that He has already prepared for you and promises:
    “… that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Ro 8:28
    Be encouraged, your struggles and uncertainties of the 24th will soon melt into the glories of the 25th, and just as the dawn banishes the night, the 24th will become a fading memory and the glories of His plans for you will be revealed.


    • Bill and Shirley, It was good to see you on Thursday at Hester’s memorial service. I felt that the service was very well done. Christ was honored. And Hester was remembered in a profound and lovely way.
      Thanks for mentioning my website and the sermon. Sadly, I don’t give the attention to the website I should. It could be a great tool if I would discipline myself to use it. Problem is, these things take time to do and a measure of technical ability.
      Thank you again for encouraging me.


  6. Dr. Willmore, I just read your sermon titled “The Lordship of Jesus Christ” preached in 2003. I will be quoting several of your statements in my sermon this coming Sunday 01/03/21. I pastor a Spanish congregation in Spring Texas. Thank you for this great sermon that has blessed my life… Bendiciones, Silvestre Romero


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