Tribute to Trinidad Pastors


During the week of April 23-May 1, I had the privilege of ministering in Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, for the seventh time.  My first visit to Trinidad was in 1994 when I was invited to preach in a series of Keswick Christian Life Conventions.  Once again I must give thanks to God for the friendship of Dr. Stephen Olford.  He was a pioneer of the Keswick Convention in Trinidad.  He was there many times over the years. It was at his suggestion that I was invited.  This time my time overlapped with the ministry of Jonathan Lamb, CEO of Keswick in England (Keswick International).  Jonathan had preached in a Keswick Convention and also spent a day with a number of pastors in a Langham Ministries preaching seminar. I did not get to see Jonathan, but we did communicate by email.IMG_1700 IMG_1589

This last trip was a time primarily devoted to ministering to pastors.  Almost 30 pastors gathered at Camp RidgeWalk for a time of rest, fellowship and instruction.  Eight lectures were given on preaching and pastoral ministry.  Three lectures by Dr. Stephen Olford were given via. DVD.  I gave five lectures on various aspects of preaching and pastoring.  It was a good time.

I saw Miss Edith Johnson and enjoyed fellowship with her again.  She has been a missionary in Trinidad for over 60 years.  Now retired, but still living there and serving the Lord faithfully.     IMG_1572

Pastor Errol Bedase and his sweet wife opened their home to me and provided wonderful hospitality.  Pastor Mitch John also hosted me in his home and drove me to some scenic places on the island.  I enjoyed being with him and his family.IMG_1690

I came home from Trinidad this time with a real burden on my heart for the pastors in Trinidad.   They serve the Lord so faithfully…but often with inadequate resources or finances.  Yet, they do so much with so little.  I am praying for the pastors in Trinidad and I ask you to join me in praying for them and praying for me as I seek the Lord regarding ways to give more support and encouragement to them.IMG_1802 IMG_1639 IMG_1670


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