Prayer Conference in Trinidad

I have just returned from ministry in Trinidad & Tobago.  I have been there many times since my first visit in 1994, when I went down to preach in a series of Keswick Christian Life Conventions.  In the beginning I felt an immediate connection with the country, the culture and the people.  At that time I was very involved with the young people. I went to school assemblies and spoke to several hundred students at a time.  It was wonderful.  From the first children and teens called me “Uncle”  Roger.  Many still do.  I have lots of nieces and nephews now.

When I return home from my ministry trips to Trinidad I do so always with the same thoughts on my mind.  I think of the pastors and church leaders who serve so faithfully.  Their material resources are limited, but their faithfulness to God is strong.  They do so much…so often, with so little.

My connection with Trinidad & Tobago began as a result of my friendship with Dr. Stephen F. Olford, the world renowned expositor and “Keswick Convention Speaker.”  Almost fifty years ago Dr. Olford was instrumental in launching Keswick in T & T.  For  35 years, until his death in August of 2004, Dr. Olford was my friend and mentor.  I am indebted to him for many of the opportunities to preach the Word of God globally.  He suggested me to the Keswick Committees in T & T.  I am forever thankful.

Pastor Mitch John had a heart to give leadership to an annual prayer conference retreat held at Camp Ridgewalk in Lily Trace, Siperia, Trinidad.  He invited me to be the speaker.  I gave a series of messages on the topic of prayer.  I addressed What Prayer Is; What Prayer is Not; Who Can Pray?; Conditions for Answered Prayer; How to Pray; and Hinderances to Prayer.  It was a good time well spent.

In addition the study, there were also seasons of prayer where all participants were called upon to pray for specific things.  I remember the season of prayer for the country, for the government workers and leaders.  Much prayer was offered for the President and the Prime Minister and those who work with these leaders.  It was a time of serious prayer.

I encourage you to pray for pastors and churches in Trinidad & Tobago.  RDW










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