One of the great blessings in Christian ministry is the blessing of meeting God’s special and choice servants who are actively working in various parts of the Lord’s vineyard.  Ministry happens in many places and through all kinds of people.  At the moment I have in mind two special friends, Todd and Tracy Moore, who serve the Lord faithfully at the John Croyle Big Oak Ranch for girls.  The better I get to know these two, the more I love and respect them.  Tracy is a gifted poet.  When I was her pastor I got to see her writings from time to time, especially her Easter and Christmas poems.  I asked her permission to share the following Christmas poem.  I know you will be blessed as you read them.  Please enjoy:



Todd and Tracy Moore



There are lights on the tree
There’s a fire in the den
Gifts are piled in one corner
It’s Your birthday again.

Happy Birthday dear Jesus
What did You get this year?
Was it something You wanted?
Or did it leave a tear?

Happy Birthday dear Jesus
Did Your gift come with a bow?
Was it Love for all men,
Friend, family, or foe?

Happy Birthday dear Jesus
Was Your story even read?
Did they X out Your name?
“Season’s Greetings” instead?

Happy Birthday dear Jesus
There was food for the poor
But what of the others?
All 364?

Happy Birthday dear Jesus
I’m so glad that you came
For this day is special
I wish all were the same.

Happy Birthday dear Jesus.

By Tracy Moore

More to come.  Please share Tracy’s poem with others.  She has gift of writing and her poetic words help us to have the right understanding of Christmas.





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