More Poems by Tracy Moore

I have received nice and positive comments both on the site and in person regarding the last post containing a Tracy Moore poem.  Tracy is a gifted writer and she has a very practical and Christian way of looking at life.  To know her is to increase your appreciation for everything she writes.  I am honored that she has given me permission to post some of her work.  Enjoy!        


Todd and Tracy Moore


By: Tracy Moore

Pine boughs
Silver Balls
Frost upon the glass
Somewhere you hear tinkling
And music from the brass

Feet rustle
People hustle
Back and forth they go
Somewhere thee is laughter
Amidst the crunch of snow

Warm bread
Hot Tea
Something rich and sweet
Somewhere people mill about
With plenty there to eat


What of decoration
What music, laughter, food
No warmth, no place, no care
Just another day


By: Tracy Moore

How fleeting is this life we live
Each day is but a breath to give.
We say that this will always be.
What? Time? It passes on.

A day turns into three, six, five
Just one more year to be alive.
What was it that I meant to do?
Well, time?  It passes on.

One year now, it turns to ten.
Tomorrow? Well, maybe then.
It’s always when we meant to start.
But time?  It passes on.

Year by year, the time goes by.
Slow it down?  Don’t even try.
Pretend to simply let it be.
And time?  It passes on.

We have the little things we say.
To get us through, right now, today.
But left undone is so much more.
For time?  It passes on.

It robs what it never had.
You miss it then, it’s just too bad.
We know where it goes now.
How time, it passes on.

Time is not a friend you see.
Takes from you, takes from me.
It simply steals with no regard.
Still, time?  It passes on.

Don’t leave behind. Don’t forget.
Don’t live now what you will regret.
For memory serves no mercy here!
Time?  It passes on.

I hope you have found these two poems thought provoking and encouraging…and maybe a bit admonishing.  Provoke to thought!  Isn’t that poets do?  Thank you Tracy.






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